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Make a stunning One slide CV. Add it as the 1st page of your CV.

Snapshot of your experience

That can be read in 5-6 seconds by Recruiters

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Infographic CV

Pictures say 1000 words

Employer friendly hiring tool

Search based on candidates expertise

Why YO!sCV ?

Job seekers with a visual resume are 75 % more likely to get noticed.

Professional CV templates

Visually Stunning

Wide variety of visually stunning and easy to read CV templates

Increased virality

Share your visual CVs using social media, mobile app

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Personal Branding

Own exquisite profile page

Automatically build your own exquisite profile page that can be shared as a web url! e.g. yoscv.com/*yourname*

5-6 seconds

Show the employer what you are in 5-6 seconds

Print/Download Quality Infographics CV

Pixel perfect

Download pixel perfect PDF versions, images of your infographic CV.

1st page

Add YO!sCV as the 1st page of your traditional CV.

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Employer Friendly

Efficient way

Share the most needed information of your CV to the employer in a very efficient way.

Proprietary search

Search the resumes based on the proprietary search algorithm.

Getting Closer to your dream job

YO!sCV helps you in highliting your resume sections which are most searchable by employers.
Create a great visual impact of your resume on employers to get important information just in seconds.

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What are the different kinds of CVs I can get from YO!sCV?

  • As the name suggests, you can create your one slide CV which is the most sought after format by many customers
  • You can also create a conventional but an attractive HTML CV. This can be shared as a link to recruiting agencies/employers and also with your friends, colleagues.
  • Generate a stunning pdf format of all the versions and take print outs.
  • Word doc – Arriving soon!!!

Why one slide CV ?

  • YO!sCV format has been arrived at after consulting several professional hiring managers and HR consulting firms. The one slide CVs have different content depending on the experience of a candidate. This is again based on the hiring manager’s needs.
  • One slide CV provides the best possible information of the candidate in a infographic form. The recruitment agencies/employers get to know the important information in 5-6 seconds (this is the maximum time spent by recruitment agencies).

Forgot my password ?

Click on the Forgot Password link available in the login page. You would receive a mail to your registered email address to reset your password. Once done, you can login to YO!sCV.

Who do I contact in case of any feedback/issues?

  • You can write to us by sending your feedback on the Contact Us form available on the main page.
  • If there are any issues that you find on YO!sCV, use the same link and share the details.